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The law firm of Troy P. Hendrick specializes in the representatives of criminals, DUI, and the Traffic Court. The former prosecutor, Troy Hendrick and Joseph Henry, both have broad experience and relationships in the criminal justice system. Our traffic ticket division is the largest in Georgia. Over 10,000 traffic ticket cases have been processed in the past decade. Only our company pushed the Decarb Recorder Tribunal down to the country's largest traffic court, proving that the court was acting unconstitutional. This started with a speeding ticket. We incorporate this kind of creative legal effort into all cases.

Established in 2005


Crime Defense, DUI Representative, Traffic Ticket Indication, Personal Injury

Troy is a former prosecutor in Decarb County. A graduate of UNC Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University Law School, Troy is a super lawyer "Rising Star" was recognized as. Georgia and Amplifier for the second consecutive year, three consecutive years from colleagues; #39; He was elected one of the legal elite of. In 2015, he was awarded the Commitment to Justice Award of the President' of the GACDL (Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Delgheres) for allegedly fixing the injustice of the Decarb Recorders Court, which was unconstitutional. Troy' The original legal expertise is now used in criminal defense, DUI, and personal injury cases. The transportation sector, which Troy started in, has covered more than 10,000 cases since 2005 and is widely recognized as the largest in Georgia.

Troy H.
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I hired Joseph Hendrick. Because I saw his criticism as wonderful. It is clear why he got that great reputation after he and his company traded. He is a professional in every respect and dragged me from behind to help me quote my traffic situation. He had a solid plan of action that we had discussed many times before we went to court, and after all his plan went well and we both got what we wanted. If I get another quote from the traffic situation, I'll definitely hire Joseph and his company!

12/31/2020 04:02am