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Manfredi Law, LLC is a young, aggressive law firm that accepts a limited set of cases where the time and energy required for a customer's case are always available. We may not be the cheapest, but we guarantee to focus on what we do.

Established in 2016


At LLC Manfredi Row, the focus is on the people we work for. All decisions are based on what's best for you. We deal with criminal cases at all levels. DUI, marijuana, all minor and felon (including sex crimes), traffic tickets, juvenile crimes and appeals. We also deal with all aspects of the family law case. This can prevent conflicts and conflicts, such as divorce (in a higher court), child custody issues, and other issues related to DFCS and juvenile courts.

Melissa has dedicated all her legal career to serving individuals, not governments or corporations.   He is familiar with the Georgian Penal Code and handles these cases on all levels.   She is also an aggressive family law lawyer who believes in good and evil.   Whether you're a husband or a wife, she will face the right thing and fight to be treated fairly and with respect.   She symbolizes her ardent defense.

Melissa M.
business owner