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Quinn, Connor, Weaver, and Davis& Luco LLP is an established and credible law firm with offices in Birmingham and Decatole Atlanta. He has more than 30 years of experience representing labor organizations, members and workers. We focus on the Labor and Employment Act and file securities, anti-trust lawsuits, retirement, and Personal Rights Litigation for Injury Benefit Claims. I have a lawyer's license in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you are unjustly fired, injured, or victim of a securities fraud, call our office today to discuss what options are available for an experienced lawyer. This list provides general information about the company and is not intended as legal advice. Quinn、Connor、Weaver、Davies & To receive legal services and advice from, Rouco LLP must first establish a relationship between a lawyer and a customer. Until you build this relationship, you won't take over the lawyer or become a customer of your company. For both new and existing customers, Quinn, Connor, Weaver, Davies &Rouco LLP must determine that there are no conflicts of interest and that they can accept the contract before submitting the new issue to the customer. You must not send any information or documents that you consider private or confidential to your company until you enter into a legal-client relationship.